At your birth

Being at your side during the birth of your child is a tremendous honor. I understand that childbirth is a momentous occasion, and that it includes all kinds of ups and downs. My goal is to give you a comfortable, non-intrusive experience... to preserve your memories, not to be one of them. Once you hire me, you can consider me a member of your birth support team. Which means just like your doctors, nurses, and midwives... my work is all about you!

More about me

When I'm not taking photos I'm drinking coffee and trying to find a quiet corner to read in, working on a podcast with my friends, writing the sequel to my recently published novel, Finding Fairy Tales, or experimenting with baking. I live with sisters and nieces, so there's a lot of laughing, way too many kitschy coffee mugs, and a lot of Gilmore Girls in my house.


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