5 Awesome Resources for the Earth and Health Conscious Mama

I’m not one of those people who thinks the earth is on the verge of implosion at any minute, but I DO think that humans caring about the world we live in and doing our part to not trash it is cool. Do I have a metal straw on my keychain for restaurant visits? No, but only because I keep forgetting to buy one (I’ll do it as soon as I’m finished writing this! I promise!)

PLUS, most of us are looking for ways to protect ourselves and our little ones from potentially harmful ingredients and toxins, which can seem totally overwhelming at times, since there are toxic chemicals in… everything basically.

So anyway, I love going to birth expo’s and community events where I see more and more businesses providing resources for new moms designed to lighten their load and line up with the things they care about. Being a new mom is hard and time consuming and expensive, so anything that can make your life easier while also helping you stay consistent with your values is cool to me. With that in mind, I thought I’d highlight a few of the resources I’ve come across that I think are great.

Plastic-Free Breastmilk Bags

I found out about these when one of my favorite midwives, Deanna Norris, posted these on her Facebook page the other day, and look how amazing they are!

ZipTop Plastic-free breastmilk bags natural responsible eco friendly healthy
Photo from ZipTop’s Facebook page

According to ZipTop they’re plastic-free, dishwasher safe, stand up, and can be zipped shut. So aside from being safe and non-toxic and reusable, it seems like they’d be a lot less messy than some of the more traditional options. This company makes cool plastic-free storage bags like this for all kinds of things (apparently), so… that’s cool.

Organic Baby Food by Yumi

I know, you guys probably already know this one, but it’s awesome so I’m including it. Yumi makes organic, nutrient-dense, plant-based baby foods in flavor combinations that sound, quite frankly, delicious. Like blueberry chia pudding, squash & greens, and strawberry basil pie.

According to their website, there’s no preservatives, additives, concentrates, or any of that stuff. Their menu changes every week, and they make it fresh from real ingredients and deliver it to you every week. Now, I haven’t looked too closely at this company, and I know there are more and more healthy baby food options out there, but this “made fresh” thing is appealing to me. There’s something icky about baby food that can sit on the shelf without spoiling for way longer than real food does. This may be a great alternative.

Yumi organic baby food natural responsible eco friendly healthy
Photo from Yumi’s Facebook page

All the Stuff from Green Bambino

Obviously Green Bambino is cool because it’s natural, safe, environmentally friendly stuff and it’s local! They’ve got tons of eco-friendly products and resources including natural baby wipes, disposable diapers, baby slings, car seats, and on and on.

PLUS, they have educational resources, carseat installation consultations, and newborn diaper rentals. Honestly, I probably should have started with them, since if you’re a local mom looking for safe, responsible baby stuff, Green Bambino is going to be your first stop.

Tree-Free Baby Wipes

You can also get eco-friendly tree-free baby wipes (and actually a bunch of other paper products) from Caboo. How cool is it that there are so many resources like this popping up everywhere? If you’re trying to cut back on the number of rainforest-ravaging tree products you use, and you want baby wipes that are safe and gentle and free of parabens and chlorine and what have you, check out the Caboo store on Amazon.

Caboo tree-free baby wipes natural responsible eco friendly healthy
Photo swiped from Caboo’s Facebook page

Lullaby Earth Organic Crib Mattress

There’s actually a few companies that make similar products, but this is the one I’m highlighting because I like the name Lullaby Earth. Their crib mattresses are designed to maximize airflow, and are made of breathable, non-toxic materials. According to their website, they’re also easy to clean and designed to prevent bacteria buildup, while being “free of polyurethane foam (including soybean foam blends), vinyl/PVC, PFC and antibacterial treated fabrics, as well as questionable fire retardants and known allergens.”

Bonus: Squooshi Reusable Food Pouches

I was only gonna do five things for this post, but then I couldn’t get over how cute these little food pouches are. And if you know me at all, you know I’m a sucker for cute things (which includes the name of the company: Squooshi).

Check these out! They’re sustainable, eco-friendly, foodsafe, and free of BPA, PVC, lead and phthalates.

Squooshi reusable food pouches natural responsible eco friendly healthy
Obviously Squooshi owns this photo

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