Featured Birth: Baby Þorsteinn, Tulsa Birth Center

Okay I should have had this up like two weeks ago, but listen, y’all. I’m BUSY! But this isn’t about me. This is about Avalon and Eddie, and their little chubs.

Avalon and Eddie were referred to me by another photographer, and I’m so glad she was booked and I snagged them. We met in Tulsa, and it turns out that Avalon and Eddie are basically like… really sweet vikings.

They’ve been together for nearly 15 years, married for ten, and always wanted but never had kids. So what an incredible blessing it was to get to document the arrival of their long-awaited little gem. And this baby… holy smokes, y’all this baby is CUTE.

He took his sweet time too. Þorsteinn showed up over a week past his due date, and I think I was *almost* as anxious as mama was! It always makes me nervous to be more than an hour away from a birth. When he finally decided it was time, I got the call around 6 p.m. and was at the Tulsa Birth Center by 8. Labor had just got serious, but it was SERIOUS.

It was amazing though. These two were so sweet to each other. There was none of the “you did this to me!” mock rage of cinema births. In between shouts of pain, Avalon was always laughing and looking to Eddie for strength and support. He was an ever present source of both: constantly attentive to what she needed, full of encouragement, and basically just a long-haired knight in shining armor.

Poor mama had to try every position in the book… twice or three times. Overall, her labor was relatively short but it felt long. It turned out the baby was occiput posterior (facing forward, not back), so he had a little trouble getting out at first. But mama was an absolute champ, and the amazing midwives at the Tulsa Birth Center (as well as the beautiful doula, Emily), did a great job getting her through it.

At long last, the cutest, chubbiest, little Þorsteinn made his appearance. And he came out cuddly and content. I got to hang out with this sweet family for a while as they burned the umbilical cord (this was my first cord burning… very cool to watch) and snuggled.

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