Featured Birth Journey: Baby Zayli, Home Birth in Duncan

Baby Zayli’s mama felt guilty about waking up her birth photographer too early, so I got a text at the comfortable hour of 9:30… nearly five hours after her water broke.

She wasn’t in active labor yet, so I knew I had some time, but her Duncan, Oklahoma home birth was nearly two hours away from where I live in Norman, and my truck had broken down the previous evening. Fortunately my saintly roommate/sisters are pretty understanding of the on-call life, so it didn’t take long to make car arrangements. God bless them all for coordinating a single car around their work schedules!

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-1

I headed toward Duncan, stopping at a nearby friend’s house to work while I waited… close enough to be there at a moment’s notice, but out of her hair in the meantime. At just after 2 p.m. she told me to head that way.

When I arrived, the midwife’s assistant, Emily, was on hand, the birthing pool was set up, and the midwife was on her way.

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-2

Emily was a total pro. And thank God, too because while Christina’s labor was intense, it didn’t last long! Dad, in the mean time, was the most attentive, sweetest birth coach, and mama labored like a champ.

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-3

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-4

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-5

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-6

In just over an hour, little Zayli made her entrance, first into Emily’s capable hands, and then immediately into mama and dad’s welcoming arms. She was so chill… they had to try to make her cry to clear her little lungs. She’d oblige for a moment, but was mostly content to just relax in mama’s arms. And let me tell you… this baby had quite the welcoming committee…. the most enthusiastic member of which was big sister, Lydia.

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-7

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-8

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-9

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-17

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-10

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Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-12

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-13

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Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-15

Duncan Oklahoma Home Birth-16

  1. Dallas Rose says:

    I am sooo happy for you both/3. It takes a wonderful Daddy to have 2 girls! Luv you very much !

  2. Julie Fenton Black says:

    Wow! Amazing! What a beautiful family! The photos are a wonderful memory for them.

  3. JoAnn Woods says:

    Beautiful Baby!

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